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Advanced JAVA Training Program

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Advanced JAVA
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Our Advacned JAVA Training Program has been designed by our JAVA Programming Experts Team so that we can share our knowledge and help you learn complex theory, Concepts & Assignments in a simple way. We will walk you step-by-step into the World of JAVA Programming. With our Advanced JAVA Training, you will develop new skills and improve your understanding of this challenging yet lucrative JAVA Programming.

Why to Choose Us:

  • Live Project based Training
  • Easy to Understand Study Material
  • Verifiable Certification
  • 100% Job Assistance Program
  • Certified & Experienced Trainers
  • Content as per Industry Standards


  • • Basic Programming Skills & Scripting is Required
  • • Graduation is Recommended
  • • Course assumes no previous experience


  • 23 Modules • 48-50 Hours Course Duration

What is Java

Why Java

Platform Independence

JDK, JVM & JRE and Java Versions

Intro to IDE

Creating & Running Sample App in IDE

Identifiers, Keywords, Data Types, Variables, Constants

Reading Values from Keyboard

Operators and Flow Control Statements(If-else, loops)

Arrays (1D, 2D, multiple-dimensional array)

OOPs Concepts (Class, Object, Abstraction, Encapsulation etc.

Creating a Class and Object

Constructor and its types

Overloading Constructor and Method and Main Method

Static Keyword

This Keyword

Types of Inheritance

Is-A and Has-A relationship

Super Keyword

Method Overriding & its Rules

Access Modifiers (private, protected, public and default)

Final Keyword



Interfaces and achieving Multiple Inheritance in JAVA

Defining & Creating a Package & its Advantages

Accessing Package Members

Static Import

Causes of Exceptions

Exception Handling Keywords

Exception Hierarchy

Types of Exceptions

Throw and Throws Keyword

Custom Exceptions

Introduction to inner classes

Introduction to garbage classes

Types of inner & Garbage classes

Define Thread & its Life Cycle

Creating Thread in 2 Ways

Thread Properties

Naming & Priorities of Thread

Thread Synchronization

Thread Communication

IO in Java

Reading & Writing in Files using IO Classes


Locale Class

Formatting Date, time, Number, Currency and Language

Character Class

String Class (Mutable & Immutable Strings)

StringBuffer Class

StringBuffer Class

MySQL Group By

MySQL Having

Collection Hierarchy

Concept of Generics

List Interface & its Classes

Queue Interface & its Classes

Set Interface & its Classes

Map Interface & its Classes

Sorting Collections (Comparator & Comparable Interfaces)

Intro to Database and SQL (MySql, Oracle)

Creating Tables in MySql

Peforming SQL Queries on Tables

JDBC Connectivity Steps

Types of Drivers

Types of Statements

Inserting Data in DB

Retrieving Data from DB

Java Networking Terminologies

Socket Programming using TCP

Socket Programming using UDP

URL & URLConnection Class

Introduction to java versions of new features & other features

Types of java versions new features & other features

Define Applet and its Life Cycle and its Advantages

Creating Sample Applet

Drawing in Applet


Creating Frame in AWT

AWT UI Controls

Events and its Handling

Adapter Classes

Layout Managers & Type of Layouts

Swing API

AWT vs Swing

Introduction to creating sample swingbased app with jdbc

Types of creating sample swingbased app with jdbc

Web Application


HTTP Requests (Get and Post)

Web Server and Container

Intro to Servlet and its API & Servlet Terminologies

Servlet Life Cycle

Types of Servlets (Generic & Http)

Creating, Deploying & Running Sample Servlet Application on IDE

ServletRequestand ServletResponse Interfaces

ServletConfig and ServletContext Interfaces

Servlet Collaboration

RequestDispatcher Interface

SendRedirect Method

Session Tracking in Servlet


Hidden Form Fields


URL Rewriting

Servlets and JDBC

Saving Data in DB

Retrieving Data from DB

Uploading a File

Downloading / Retrieving a File

Login Example

Design Patterns

DAO (Data Access Object)

DTO (Data Transfer Object)

Servlet and CRUD (Create, Read, Update,Delete)

Creating Sample CRUD App in Servlet using JDBC

Pagination in Servlet

Filters in Servlets

Filter and its API

FilterConfig Interface

Intro to JSP & its Advantages over Servlet

JSP Life Cycle & its API

Creating & Deploying JSP App in IDE

JSP Scripting Elements




JSP Directives

Page Directive

Include Directive

Taglib Directive

JSP Action Elements






JSP Implicit Objects

JSP Request

JSP Response

JSP Config

JSP Application

JSP Session

JSP Exception

JSP Page

JSP PageContext

Exception Handling in JSP

Custom Tags in JSP

Example of Simple Custom Tag

Attributes in Custom Tags

Custom Tags with Body Content

Expression Language in JSP

JSTL (JSP Standard Tag Library)

JSTL Core Tags

JSTL Function Tags

JSTL Formatting Tags


JSP and CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete)

Creating Sample CRUD App in JSP using JDBC

Uploading and Downloading a File in JSP

Registration and Login ExampleMVC in JSP

Pagination in JSP




e-Commerce Website

Social Networking Website

PD Classes

Resume Preparation

Interview Question Preparation

Student Feedback


5785 Rating

Latest Reviews

techvidya student reviews
Sotapdi Kunda
55 min ago

Very clean and organized with easy to follow tutorials, Exercises, and solutions. The training does start from the beginning with very little knowledge and gives a great overview and progresses into more complex concepts and ideas.

techvidya student reviews
45 min ago

The training is good at explaining very basic intuition of the concepts. It will get you scratching the surface so to say, where this course is unique is the implementation methods are so well defined, Thank you to the team !.

techvidya student reviews
Rajeev Aggarwal
30 min ago

This course is amazing..! I started course as a beginner and learnt a lot. Instructors are great. Query handling can be improved.Overall very happy with the course.

Advanced JAVA training
Advanced JAVA Training
  • Level
  • Modules
    23 Modules
  • Duration
    48-50 Hours
  • Category
  • Laguage
  • Placement Assistance
  • Certificate
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Advanced JAVA Training Options

Whether you're looking for Advanced JAVA Training, start your next journey with India's Best IT & Software Training Edtech Company @TechVidya -- we have a plan for you.

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Advanced JAVA

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Advanced JAVA

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INR 25000

Advanced JAVA

  • Live Instructor Based
  • Projects/Assignments
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  • Certification
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Advanced JAVA

  • Customize Content
  • Flexible Timings
  • Onsite Training
  • Experienced Trainers
  • Increase Productivity
  • Skill Assessment
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TechVidya offers a wide range of IT & Software Certifications designed to take your career to the next level. Candidate can gain access to multiple placement opportunities by opting our Certification.

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TechVidya provides Globally Recognized Course Completion Certificate which can be verifiable at techvidya official website. TechVidya Verifiable Certification helps to achieve your dream jobs.

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01. PD, Resume Making & Mock Interview

We help our students to get a foothold in the corporate world by providing Practical based Training including Personality Development, Resume Making & Mock Interviews Sessions.

02. Dedicated Placement Department

Our Placement Department help candidates to present themselves confidently at the time of actual interview. We provide placement assistance to our students with the help of dedicated placement cell.

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