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Graphic Design Training

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Graphic Design
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Our Graphic Design Training Program has been designed by our Multimedia & Animation Experts Team so that we can share our knowledge and help you learn complex theory, Concepts & Assignments in a simple way. We will walk you step-by-step into the World of Graphic Designing. With our Graphic Design Training, you will develop new skills and improve your understanding of this challenging yet lucrative Graphic Design Program.

Why to Choose Us:

  • Live Project based Training
  • Easy to Understand Study Material
  • Verifiable Certification
  • 100% Job Assistance Program
  • Certified & Experienced Trainers
  • Content as per Industry Standards


  • • Computer Basic Knowledge
  • • Graduation is Recommended
  • • Course assumes no previous experience


  • 5 Modules • 42-45 Hours Course Duration

Introduction of Adobe photoshop, Menu bar, Property bar, Tools, Layers, Supportive options

Making New Files, Introduction Broadcast presets, Dimensions of workspaces, Different types of workspaces, Starting Selection Tools

Bitmap & Vector images Differentiate, Transformation, Layers using(Background Layers, other Layers)

After Creating new work page making selections, types of selections(New selection, Add to selections, Subtract from selection & intersect from selection)

Other selection tool like lasso tool, Polygon lasso tool, Magnetic Lasso tool, Quick Selection tool, Magic wend tool, Object selection tool,

Introduction of crop tool, Perspective Crop tool Slice tool, Passport size photos making, Frame tool

Spot Healing brush tool, Healing Brush tool, Patch tool, red Eye tool, Skin Retouch effect

Brush tool, Brush Presets making, Sizing of brushes, making different shapes of brush

Clone stamp tool, Pattern stamp tool, different types of patterns making, cloning of pictures, history brush tool, Art history brush tool

Gradient tool, 2 or more colors gradient making, types of gradient colors filling, Paint Bucket tool, Blur, Sharpen, Smudge tool

Dodge, Burn, Sponge tool, transforming object, Move, rotation, scale, skew, Distort, Perspective, invert, Flip vertical & Horizontal,

Masking introduction, Layer Mask, paste into selections, background changing, Reverse Masking, Making wire Masking

Vector Masking, Placing images into shapes with vector masking, Clipping Mask, Magnifying Text/Image Effect, Text Image Collage effect

Quick Masking effect, 3D Popup card with quick mask & layer mask, Basket Effect on image.

How to make digital face illusion effect with 2 faces (front face & side face) with using of layer mask, Displacement effect

Photo Identity Cards with importing excel file in photoshop & transforming images for id Cards, Carved text on wood Texture

Displacement effect with layer mask with brick wall & Terry cloth picture

Double exposure Effect with 2 or more pictures manipulating, placing pictures Pencil Picture Effect

Hair Masking with Refine Edges(Select & Mask) option to remove background from hairs, Path selections, Pen tool all options

Layer flatten, blending modes, Layer styles, bevel & embose, Drop shadow, inner glow, outer glow, options

Adjustment layers, hue saturation option, Color balance, black & white, adjustment layer, channel mixer, color lookup etc.

Filter Effects Blur, Distort, Noise, Pixelate, Render, Stylize etc. Design with filter effects

Vanishing point making 3d cube with image insertion with creating perspective plane, filter gallery options

Action making, Recording, action set, action short key making, auto blend layer options, puppet warp tool using

Timeline effects, Frame by frame animation, Video timeline animation, Rendering Videos etc.

Using Mask to Create animation for website

Website layout making, UI & UX intro

Doubts clearing class

Introduction of Adobe Illustrator, some tools, Panels-Sub panels & flower making

Selection tool, Direct selection tool, Strokes making, Different vector shapes making etc.

Use of Pen tool, Shape builder tool

Rotate tool, Text tool, Gradient editing in any shape

3D modeling shapes, Bar Graph with 3d Effects

Creating shapes with Pathfinder options, Tracing with raster picture

Rotate tool & wrist watch making, Clip Masking

Color patterns Theory, Swatches, Work with live paint bucket tool

Using art brushes, making brushes, Transforming & making backgrounds from Transforming effects

Mesh filling in objects, Tracing objects pics, Radial mesh fill, Blend tool, 3d Shapes making

Perspective grids tool, 3d Exterior Home Making in file

Logos & id Card & visiting card Making class & illustration in illustrator

Introduction- Standard Bar, Menu Bar, Property Bar Tools intro Shapes Making

Shape Tool, Shaping options (Weld, Trim, Intersect, Front minus Back, Back minus front, Create Boundaries), making visiting Cards

Drawing Curves, Shapes changing, Coping objects with right click, Using Pen tool, Bezier Tool, Line Tools,

Arranging objects(Back, Front, Forward, Backward) Introduction of interactive fill tool, smart fill tool, Ashok Chakra making, Join Curves option, using guidelines

Using Power clip, Using Layers, Artistic Media tool, Brush Preset Making,

patterns making, Combining & breaking objects

Applying Drop shadows, Contours, Extrude, Bevel Effects, Blend effect, Envelop, Distort, Block Shadow

Importing images in file, Bitmap menu, Some Effects of Images

Bitmap Effects Colours effects, Halftone, Blur, Creative, Noise, Texture, Art Stroke etc.

Some more Effects like Neon text effect, Glowing Text Effects, Using Glyphs, Clipart, Symbols for Designing, modify clipart

Advance Giff Effect, Importing Bitmap options, page Layout, printing settings, creating greeting cards, Print previewing the layout

Exporting designs in other formats(PDF, JPEG, PNG, BITMAP) etc. Tracing picture with vactor tools

Packaging designing, Packing designs making

About Corel Rave format, Tweening objects, Use of Corel photo paint, performing Rave Animation

Poster making, Brochure making

Wedding Card Making, Banner Making, Chrome text effect, Envelop text

2 types of Text, Text Typing, Paragraph text, Artistic text, Text on a path effect, Text properties,

Customization options of workspace, finding fonts of jpeg pictures, tool options etc.

Calendar Making, all options of Calendars making with macro

Making own macros, recording shapes to repeat any contents

Introduction of In-design, tools, panels, Pages Panels etc.

Pages Panel, Master Pages Introduction, Page no.s giving

Parts of master pages, Page no.s in different sections of chapters

Making index of Different chapters of books, give different headings of different chapters

Newspaper layout making, newspaper pages all settings

Magazine Layouts making, Magazine pages settings

Text settings in pages, text wrapping, all options of text wrappings

Creating presentations of individual pages like PPT from layout menu

Creating dynamic animation & creating buttons for actions on objects

Table making, Formatting tables cells, columns & rows

Covering all the concepts

Project Work

Resume Prepration

Interview Question Prepration

Student Feedback


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Latest Reviews

techvidya student reviews
Sotapdi Kunda
55 min ago

Very clean and organized with easy to follow tutorials, Exercises, and solutions. The training does start from the beginning with very little knowledge and gives a great overview and progresses into more complex concepts and ideas.

techvidya student reviews
45 min ago

The training is good at explaining very basic intuition of the concepts. It will get you scratching the surface so to say, where this course is unique is the implementation methods are so well defined, Thank you to the team !.

techvidya student reviews
Rajeev Aggarwal
30 min ago

This course is amazing..! I started course as a beginner and learnt a lot. Instructors are great. Query handling can be improved.Overall very happy with the course.

Graphic Design training
Graphic Design Training Program
  • Level
  • Modules
    5 Modules
  • Duration
    42-45 Hours
  • Category
    Graphic Design
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