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AWS Architect Program has been designed by our AWS Architect Consultant Team so that we can share our knowledge and help you learn complex theory, Concepts & Assignments in a simple way. We will walk you step-by-step into the World of AWS Architect Technology. With our AWS Architect Training, you will develop new skills and improve your understanding of this challenging yet lucrative AWS Architect Program.

Why to Choose Us:

  • Live Project based Training
  • Easy to Understand Study Material
  • Verifiable Certification
  • 100% Job Assistance Program
  • Certified & Experienced Trainers
  • Content as per Industry Standards


  • • AWS account for practicing the labs
  • • Graduation is Recommended
  • • Course assumes no previous experience


  • 15 Modules • 30-32 Hours Course Duration

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Models

Architecture of Cloud Environment

On-Demand & Self Service - Characteristics of Cloud

Characteristic of CSP - Elasticity

Introduction to Amazon Web Services

AWS Global Infrastructure

Setting up AWS account

Setting up SSH Client

Launching & Connecting First EC2 Instance

Creating First Website on EC2

Basics of Firewalls

AWS Budgets

Understanding & Creating Virtual Private Cloud

Understanding and Creating Subnets

Internet Gateways

Overview of Route Tables

IP Addressing in AWS

Understanding VPC Peering

Network ACL (NACL)

EC2 Pricing Models & Placement Groups

Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Launch Template

Introduction to Block & Object storage mechanism

Introduction to Elastic Block Store

Feature of EBS - Portability

EBS - Volume Types

Instance Store Volumes

Introduction to Simple Storage Service (S3)

S3 Storage Classes

New S3 Storage Class - Intelligent-Tiering

New S3 Storage Class - One Zone-IA

New S3 Storage Class - Glacier

S3 Versioning

S3 Lifecycle Policies

Features of S3 - Cross Region Replication

Static Website Hosting with AWS S3

Pre-signed URLs

S3 - Multi-Part Uploads

Multi-Part Upload - Practical

Understanding AWS Storage Gateway

Overview of File Gateway

Implementing File Gateway


Amazon FSx

Understanding High Availability Configuration


Getting started with Elastic Load Balancers

Different Load Balancer Types in AWS

Overview of Classic Load Balancer

Overview of Application Load Balancer

Implementing Path Based Routing in ALB

ALB - Listeners & Target Groups

Understanding Network Load Balancer

Implementing Network Based Load Balancers

ELB Configuration - Health Checks

Configuring our first ELB

ELB - Nodes & Availability Zones

ELB Configuration - Cross Zone Load Balancing

AWS WAF & Shield

Overview of Elastic File System (EFS)

Creating our First EFS

Virtual Private Network

Overview of AWS VPN Tunnels

Direct Connect

Direct Connect High-Availability

Understanding Transit Gateways

Egress Only Internet Gateways

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Deploying Custom Application in Elastic Beanstalk

Introduction to Auto Scaling

Implementing Manual Scaling ASG

Overview of Dynamic Scaling

Scheduled Scaling

Overview of AWS Global Accelerator

Implementing Global Accelerator

AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR)

Overview of Elastic Container Service (ECS)

ECS - Tasks and Services

AWS Fargate

VPC Endpoints & Gateway VPC Endpoints

Introduction to Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Understanding the IAM Policies

IAM Policy Evaluation Logic

Conditional Element


Installing AWS CLI for Linux and Windows

IAM Role & Permission Boundaries

Overview of AWS Organisations

S3 Bucket Policies

Cross Account S3 Bucket Configuration


Introduction to Cryptography

Understanding communication Protocols

Plain Text vs Encrypted Protocols

Understanding the Disk Level encryption schemas


AWS Key Management Service

S3 Encryption

AWS GuardDuty

Referencing Security Groups

Vulnerability, Exploit, Payload

AWS Inspector

Overview of Amazon Macie

Detecting Sensitive Files with Macie

Introduction to Serverless Computing

Getting started with AWS Lambda

Introduction to API

Understanding working of API

Building the function for our API

Building our API with API Gateway

AWS DataSync

Syncing Data between S3 and EFS

Amazon Athena

Overview of Databases

Introduction to RDS

Connecting to RDS via CLI

Implementing Read replicas

Multi-AZ Architecture for RDS

Overview of Amazon Aurora

Implementing Amazon Aurora

Overview of Aurora Server-less

Implementing Aurora Serverless

Aurora Global Databases

RDS Storage Auto-Scaling

Overview of AWS ElastiCache

Understanding NoSQL Database

Getting started with DynamoDB

DynamoDB queries with CLI

DynamoDB - Consistency Models

Real World Use Case for NoSQL Database

DynamoDB - Read & Write Capacity Units

DynamoDB Global Tables

DynamoDB Accelerator

DynamoDB Streams

Amazon Neptune

Overview of AWS Secrets Manager

Introduction to SQS

SQS - Practical

SQS - Visibility Timeout

SQS Dead Letter Queue

Simple Notification Service (SNS)

S3 Event Notifications

Overview of AWS Config

Creating our First Config Rules

AWS Systems Manager

SSM - Parameter Store

AWS Tags

Resource Groups

Simple Workflow Service (SWF)

Amazon Kinesis

AWS Import / Export

Business Intelligence


Introduction to DNS

Traffic packet capture of DNS packets

Understanding DNS Records

DNS Records - A & AAAA

Introduction to Route53

Creating Hosted Zones in Route53

CNAME Record

Mail Exchanger (MX) Record

TXT Records

Advanced Route53 Configurations

Route53 - Health Checks

Route53 Health Check Practical

Overview of Routing Policies

Multi-Value Answer Routing Policy

AWS Certificate Manager

Provisioning HTTPS Certificates with ACM

Amazon WorkMail

Understanding the Content Delivery Networks

Demo - CloudFront CDN

Understanding Edge Locations

Deploying CloudFront Distribution

Origin Access identity

S3 Transfer Acceleration

Overview of Lambda@Edge

Lambda@Edge and CloudFront Integration

Understanding CloudWatch

Understanding CloudTrail

Creating First CloudTrail Trail

CloudTrail Event Types

AWS Trusted Advisor

AWS Well Architected Framework

Personal Health Dashboard

Data Transfer Charges in AWS

Project Work

PD Classes

Resume Preparation

Interview Question Preparation

Student Feedback


5785 Rating

Latest Reviews

techvidya student reviews
Sotapdi Kunda
55 min ago

Very clean and organized with easy to follow tutorials, Exercises, and solutions. The training does start from the beginning with very little knowledge and gives a great overview and progresses into more complex concepts and ideas.

techvidya student reviews
45 min ago

The training is good at explaining very basic intuition of the concepts. It will get you scratching the surface so to say, where this course is unique is the implementation methods are so well defined, Thank you to the team !.

techvidya student reviews
Rajeev Aggarwal
30 min ago

This course is amazing..! I started course as a beginner and learnt a lot. Instructors are great. Query handling can be improved.Overall very happy with the course.

AWS Architect training
AWS Architect Training Program
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