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Get yourself certified as a Python professional with the help of our best python training institute. Python is a high level programming language which is easy to read and use and is the second highest paid computer language profession. Our python training program helps you use python in most of the fields including data science, analytics, finance and trading and many more. TechVidya python training institute will help you learn various Python libraries and learn to code for Big Data applications practically along with the excellent assistance given by our highly experienced tutors. Enroll today for python training and broaden your career path.

Why to Choose Us:

  • LMS & Job Portal Access
  • 360 Degree Placement Support
  • Capstone Projects & Assignment
  • PD & Resume Making Sessions
  • Mock Interview Sessions
  • Dedicated Placement Department


  • • Basic Programming Skills
  • • Graduation is Recommended
  • • Course assumes no previous experience


  • 22 Modules • 42-45 Hours Course Duration

Python: An Overview

History of Python

Version of Python

Feature of Python

Comparisons of Python with Other Language

Execution of Programs

Python Comment

What is variables

Assign Variables

Numeric Data Types

Boolean Data Types

Compound Data Types




Arithmetic & Relational Operators

Assignment Operators

Logical / Boolean Operators

Identity Operators

Membership Operators

Bitwise Operators

Precedence of Operators

Associativity of Operators

The If Statements

The if-else Statements

The Elif Statements

The Nested If – Else Statements

Python for Loop

Python While Loop

The Break Statements

The Continue Statements

The Pass Statements

Mathematical Function

Random Function

Trigonometric Function

Accessing Strings

Basic Operations

String slices

String Built-In Function


Accessing list


Working with lists

List Slices



List Comprehension

Deleting List

Built-in Function


Creating Tuple

Accessing Tuple

Modifying Tuple

Deleting Tuple

Built-in Function


Creating Dictionary

Accessing Dictionary

Deleting Dictionary

Built-In Function


Declaring an Sets

Operation on Sets

Built-In Function


The Time Module

The Calendar Module

Defining a function

Calling a function

Types of functions

Function Arguments

Anonymous functions

Global and local variables


The Import Statement

The From…Import Statement

The From…Import* Statement


Opening & closing Files

Reading & writing Files

Rename & Remove Files

The Directories

Error in Python Program

Types of Exception

Handling Exception in Python

Raising Exception

User Defined Exception

Class and object





Interface & Abstraction

Regular Expressions

RegEx Functions

Special Sequences


Match object

Phone Number verification

Email Verification

Web scraping using RegEx

Regular Expression Exercises

Web scrapping

Extract useful data from websites

Beautiful soup library

Create a CSV file to store data

Web Scrapping exercises

Getting started with MySQL

MySQL create database

MySQL create table

MySQL Insert

MySQL select

MySQL where

MySQL Order by

MySQL Update

MySQL Limit

MySQL Join

MySQL Delete

MySQL Drop Table

MySQL Exercises

Covering all the concepts

Project Work

Resume Prepration

Interview Question Prepration

Student Feedback


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Python Training Program Overview
  • Level
  • Modules
    22 Modules
  • Duration
    42-45 Hours
  • Category
  • Language
  • Placement Assistance
  • Certificate
  • Resource

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Python Training Options

Whether you're looking for Python Training Institute, start your next journey with India's Best Python Training Edtech Company @TechVidya -- we have a plan for you.


Noida Location

Offline Classes

  • Classroom Training
  • Projects/Assignments
  • Mock Interview
  • Final Assessment
  • Certification
  • Placement Assistance
Noida Webpage


Delhi Location

Offline Classes

  • Classroom Training
  • Projects/Assignments
  • Mock Interview
  • Final Assessment
  • Certification
  • Placement Assistance
Delhi Webpage


Online Training

Online Classes

  • Live Instructor Based
  • Projects/Assignments
  • Mock Interview
  • Final Assessment
  • Certification
  • Placement Assistance
Online Webpage


Corporate Training
  • Customize Content
  • Flexible Timings
  • Onsite Training
  • Experienced Trainers
  • Increase Productivity
  • Skill Assessment
Corporate Webpage

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Expand your career opportunities with India's most trusted Python Training Institute @TechVidya. Get job-ready for an in-demand career with our 360 degree placement assistance program. Choose from Multiple certification programs with us.

  • Online LMS Login Access
  • Online Job Portal Access
  • Assignments & Capstone Projects
  • Resume Making & Interview Preparation
  • Dedicated Placement Department

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Join Our Best Python Course

TechVidya python course is well equipped with latest tools and technologies which enables the learners at our python classes to learn according to the market requirement. Our python course is well prepared which will not leave our learners behind the competition, a perfect blend of theoretical and practical learning makes our python course the best in industry. Students at TechVidya python classes undergo 22 modules which cover various tools like python variables and data type, looping interest, strings, conditional statements and many more and all these are covered by industry best tutors who clear the concepts in a very simple and practical way. TechVidya also provides various career assistance services to the students of its python course like personality development sessions, mock interview preparation sessions, mock assessment sessions, resume building and mentorship sessions which will enable the learners of TechVidya to fetch a job easily. Join today the best Python classes and stand ahead of the competitors.

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PD Sessions & Resume Writing

Throughout the Course

Mock Interview Preparations

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Most Trusted Python Training Institute

Expand your career opportunity with python certification and experience the learning with expert faculty, comprehensive curriculum with hands-on-project and 100% placement assistance. TechVidya is the best Python training institute which ensures that the learners learn fully according to market requirement therefore learn on real-world experience and get job ready after the course completion. After completing python course certification from our institute learners can choose from a variety of career options like website developer, python developer, software engineer, data analyst, devops engineer, data journalist and many more; Hence ensuring the guaranteed development of our learners. TechVidya is proven as the best Python training institute which provides the best course curriculum with the latest tools and technologies which is well crafted by experienced tutors of the institute. TechVidya python certification can be opted by anyone having keen interest in coding irrespective of any educational or professional background, every learner has something new to learn at TechVidya python training institute.

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Join Best Python Training Institute

TechVidya is the best python institute in Delhi/NCR which perfectly covers all essential topics in python programming. We understand that learning python can be a bit overwhelming, especially for beginners. That's why we have structured our python course in a way that makes it easy to grasp the concepts and build a strong foundation for our learners. We have a team of well experienced tutors who are not only experts in python courses but are also great in explaining complex concepts in a simple and engaging manner therefore leaving no room for doubt to the students. Our python certification ensures to provide high-quality education and also ensures that you have a solid understanding of Python. We believe in hands-on learning therefore throughout the course our learners have the opportunity to work on practical projects that simulate real-world scenarios which helps the students to apply their learning and also build their confidence in python programming.

TechVidya python institute has designed a highly flexible course. Learners can have access to the python course material anywhere, anytime, allowing them to learn at their own convenience whether they are busy professionals or a student with a hectic schedule. Our python course can fit into your lifestyle. Another aspect that makes our python certification program special is the sense of community, our students get the opportunity to connect with the fellow learners, share ideas, and collaborate on projects because we believe that learning becomes much more fun when you have a supportive community to lean on.

If you are looking for the python institutes in Delhi/NCR that provide comprehensive coverage, experienced instructors, hands-on-projects, flexibility, and a supportive community. TechVidya python institute is the perfect choice for you, join us today and embark on a perfect journey to master python programming.

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